No prizes for guessing V Fire’s primo influences: the stamp of Zeppelin, Hendrix, Thin Lizzy and their classic rock ilk are all over Out Of The Garage delivers such a solid set of rockin’ tunes.
V Fire have obviously done the hard yards in front of crowds – their sound is organic, ultra-tight, melodic and well-crafted, featuring excellent playing and production. In fact, there’s little to fault on Out Of The Garage at all, especially when the songs burrow deeper into your ears with each consecutive listen The songs all harken back to the glory days of classic rock, whilst they bring a very modern sensibility to proceedings.Out Of the Garage is a gem of an album – one which will thrill rockers of all shades,

Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar




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V-Fire  are

Ren (Renny) Ashfield - Voice; Andy Kay - Bass guitar; Paul Van Grass - Guitars; Philip (Pip) Jackson - Drums

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